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Is stress consuming your energy? Does life seem unsatisfying to you? Therapy can help you get SO much more out of your life. Anxiety, depression, physical pain, medical conditions and other chronic stressors do not have to stop you from living life fully and vibrantly.

What do you want in your autobiography?

Backed by scientific research, mindfulness-based therapy can help you learn and grow from life’s challenges, rather than get “stuck” and limited by them. Learn these skills and author your life.

Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

Our psychotherapists provide counseling services to help you to resolve these struggles and redirect your energy toward what you care about most: your relationships, work, parenting, family, friendships and play.

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Looking for mindfulness meditation classes in Portland? Portland Mindfulness offers classes and workshops for every level of experience and interest. From beginning meditation instruction, to more intensive classes, Portland Mindfulness can help you bring mindfulness into your daily life.

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WE HAVE MOVED!! (not in Yeon as stated in the video): 
NEW location: 610 SW Broadway, Suite 306, Portland 97205 — between Alder and Morrison on Broadway, right next to Pioneer Square.


WHY would you want to consider seeing a therapist out-of-network?

    1. Insurance companies may INTRUDE ON PSYCHOTHERAPY SERVICES, and can disrupt the work you and your therapist are doing together. They may limit the number of sessions or demand to see your private information, and in-network therapists are required to supply it!

    2. Insurance companies KEEP THEIR “IN-NETWORK” PANELS AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE, WITH MANY THERAPISTS WHO ARE “FULL” AND NOT ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS. That’s why it’s hard to find a therapist sometimes! The insurance companies do this in order to limit your access to services so they keep their expenses down, and their profits high. Insurance stock has been increasingly appealing to investors (see for instance, for recommended insurance stock purchases). This is because the companies are maximizing profits at the expense of service to those who need medical and psychological services.

    3. Insurance companies may reduce your payment to a copay that appears to be low and reasonable. However, they also CUT BY 50% OR MORE THE FEE RECEIVED BY THE THERAPIST, relative to the therapist’s actual fee. That may seem like something that is “not your problem,” except it becomes your problem when therapists cannot stay in business, or must compromise the quality of their services in order to remain viable. The insurance companies are EXEMPT FROM ANTI-TRUST LAW. That means they are free to fix prices for psychotherapy, and lower them gradually to the lowest possible rate, in order to maximize profits. That in turn results in fewer experienced therapists accepting insurance, and more problems for you to find a therapist whose skills match your needs.

    4. Out-of-network therapists such as Dr. Rhinewine will be starting this November, can offer you DETAILED RECEIPTS THAT YOU CAN EASILY SUBMIT TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. While the reimbursement rates for out-of-network services vary, therapists are free to offer a sliding scale in order to make therapy financially workable, whether or not your submit a receipt to your insurance company. This can amount to therapy which is not much more expensive than in-network, but is much more confidential, and for which ALL decisions are based on YOUR clinical needs — NOT the profit motive of the insurance companies and their corporate boards.

    5. Dr. Rhinewine will be happy to answer any further questions you have about insurance and the “in-network” (or “preferred provider”) status versus “out-of-network.” In our experience, insurers, for understandable reasons, do not provide accurate or full information regarding the procedures, laws, and ethics of insurance, and we have noted that they have at times, knowingly or unknowingly, actively spread MISINFORMATION about such laws and ethics. They are for-profit companies and are not bound by any professional ethics, as your licensed or supervised therapist is, under supervision by state boards. Insurance companies are nominally supervised by the Insurance Division, but unfortunately to date, the Insurance Division has NOT ADEQUATELY PROTECTED the public from the self-serving procedures that insurance companies follow in order to maximize profits to their shareholders. They are, as mentioned above, exempt from anti-trust law. This means that they have agreed to State supervision. However they have much more revenue than the State of Oregon to work with, and can easily wriggle out of most of the constraints under which they are supposed to operate.

The following plans will be accepted on an in-network basis until November, 2017. We would be happy to verify your eligibility before your first appointment. Just call and ask: 503-222-2361 or email at [email protected].