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Is stress consuming your energy? Does life seem unsatisfying to you? Therapy can help you get SO much more out of your life. Anxiety, depression, physical pain, medical conditions and other chronic stressors do not have to stop you from living life fully and vibrantly.

What do you want in your autobiography?

Backed by scientific research, mindfulness-based therapy can help you learn and grow from life’s challenges, rather than get “stuck” and limited by them. Learn these skills and author your life.

Call now and take your life back in the direction YOU want!

Free Telephone Consultation: (503) 222-2361Free Telephone Consultation:

(503) 222-2361

Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

Our psychotherapists provide counseling services to help you to resolve these struggles and redirect your energy toward what you care about most: your relationships, work, parenting, family, friendships and play.

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Looking for mindfulness meditation classes in Portland? Portland Mindfulness offers classes and workshops for every level of experience and interest. From beginning meditation instruction, to more intensive classes, Portland Mindfulness can help you bring mindfulness into your daily life.

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We have moved (not in Yeon as stated in the video): 
1224 SW Morrison PDX 97205, intersection of SW 13th and Morrison in Terminal Sales Building Annex.

Joseph Rhinewine, PhD - Director, Psychologist at Portland Mindfulness Therapy

MAGIC solutions that require NO effort!

Just kidding — There’s no such thing! …but if you work hard at it, you CAN learn important skills to gradually be more and more effective in life.

Good news is: Over time, these can make a huge difference. Call us for a FREE consultation: (503) 222-2361

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