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Improve Your “Self-Esteem” in 6 Steps

Improve Your “Self-Esteem” in 6 Steps “I have low self-esteem.” “I want to work on my self-esteem” “Can you help me with self-esteem?” I hear these statements and requests all the time from my clients. But what is this “self-esteem,” and what can someone do if it appears to be “low”?

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Change Your Perception About Change Itself

What do we mean by “change” in psychotherapy or personal growth? What I mean by “change,” as in “changing oneself,” differs significantly from what most therapists mean, and probably differs from what most people mean. When I say “change” I basically mean, “stay exactly who you are, but learn some new skills.” Learning new skills changes […]

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On Bullshit Psychology

I was going to write this post on ” pop psychology ” but decided that moniker just doesn’t cut it, and the scope is too limited and easy.  What we are referring to when we say “pop psychology” is 99% bullshit.  Not too hard to see that, if you read 50 of those books and […]

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Why Therapy Often Sucks

Therapy often sucks. Therapists, while they may have fancy credentials, often do not take the time to become expert at any particular technique. The result is they slosh around with you a little bit in a number of unfocused ways, and you go noplace, slowly.

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Do I Need Therapy?

I’m guessing most people in this country at one time or another have at least considered getting some professional help, some therapy or counseling. When deciding whether one “needs” therapy or counseling (I will use those two words “therapy” and “counseling” interchangeably here), it can be useful to consider some questions.

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