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Stan Hyman

Dr. Stan Hyman is a licensed psychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist and life coach practicing privately in Miami, Florida. During his 25 years as a counselor, he has helped hundreds of people create healthier more satisfying lives. His prior careers as both a teacher and successful entrepreneur undoubtedly continue to inform a therapeutic style that is described as both focused and collaborative. Dr. Hyman works to help men and women effectively balance their lives and the needs of family, friends and self. His clients are counseled to overcome anger, anxiety, depression, trauma, compulsive behaviors,substance abuse, and sexual problems in a safe and supportive environment. In addition to clinical and coaching practice, Stan offers seminars and workshops on stress management, relationship building, and improving communication skills for interested relationship and business partners.

4 Key Anger Myths You Should Know

The idea of anger management is tossed around these days in political conversations or discussions about celebrities who have crossed a social or relational line. However, managing anger well is more than a good idea or a recommendation for the other guy. It is an important life skill that prevents frustrating interactions and unwise decision-making. […]

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