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4 Key Anger Myths You Should Know

The idea of anger management is tossed around these days in political conversations or discussions about celebrities who have crossed a social or relational line. However, managing anger well is more than a good idea or a recommendation for the other guy. It is an important life skill that prevents frustrating interactions and unwise decision-making. […]

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Blogging Sucks

Therapy, the Human mind, and life in general are not all that suck. Blogging and blogs suck. So I have to find a cute visual to go with my blog post? Oh, joy. I can break copyright laws again and hose off someone’s hard work, thanking them for it by misusing their photography or art […]

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Transforming Rage into Vigor

 “At heart I’m a frightened angry person. That’s probably why my stuff isn’t totally insubstantial. I’m constantly, deep down inside, in a kind of rage.” –Robyn Hitchcock Hating life? Hard not to in this economy. As I’ve written about many times here before, when we live life through the mind, everything just seems to suck, […]

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We Hate What We Fear

As the wonderful Star Wars character Yoda says, fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate. If we find ourselves hating, we can ask ourselves, “What is it that I am angry about?” Then, we can take it a crucial step further: “What am I afraid of?”

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