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A Guide to Being Mindful on the Road

Congested highways, booming horns, unruly drivers and pedestrians — they form a familiar picture when you think about your daily commute. It’s easy to give way to distraction, whether it’s road rage, gadgets, or something outside that piques your interest. But as Portland Mindfulness Therapy wrote a few years back, if there’s any place in […]

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Is Self-Compassion the New Mindfulness?

Societies constant desire for the new, for innovation, for an updated trend, means that as soon as something becomes popular for many people it also becomes passé. This is something that we often see in popular music, fashion and technology but this same attitude is also affecting how we approach our mental health and wellbeing. […]

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Fame: So You Want to Be A Big Shot?

I recently have had the good fortune to be in contact with a moderately famous person whom I’ve admired for much of my life. What I notice is that my first impulse, having some access to him, is to pester him as much as possible. This is unfortunate, but telling. Fame makes us strange–both the […]

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Distraction < Mindfulness

In a recent viral video clip, Louis CK hilariously and profoundly excoriates cellphones as a massive source of distraction from our true experience of life. Personally I love my cellphone.  And I love social media, and computers in general, and many other sources of distraction.  At the very same time, I recognize that these powerful […]

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Mortality: Life May Be Shorter Than You Think

  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying.   We’d all like to believe that we will live well into our 90s, or at least our 80s.  But it’s not possible for all of us to live that long. None […]

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Boredom and Joy

Boredom is rather interesting. Why do I become bored? What, even, IS boredom? I notice boredom as a kind of restlessness in my body, and a thought that “there is something much better out there, and I need to get it.” I disconnect from what is happening right now, right here and begin to focus […]

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Why Life Sucks 2: Thoughts And Illusion

Sometimes, I can’t help the feeling that I’m living a life of illusion. – Joe Walsh As with this classic optical illusion, things are NOT necessarily what they VERY MUCH APPEAR TO BE.  What you “know” to be “true” is not necessarily even remotely connected to reality. And that’s true for all of us. What’s really hard to […]

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