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Help that Relieves Stress NICEly

Help! You are probably looking for some, if you’re reading my blog. You have a choice, where you get help. If you’re in a city like Portland, Oregon where I am, it can be an overwhelming choice, with so many helpers available, advertising so many different kinds of help! This is a long and exploratory […]

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Top 7 Tips to Beating Stress

Beating Stress — Top 7 Tips Stressed out? You’re not the only one–far from it! Sudden life changes, tough workplaces, troubled relationships, frightening medical concerns, and a long list of other sources of anxiety send enormous numbers of Americans to therapists and even emergency rooms every day. We are the only animal we know of that […]

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Doing Nothing Well: Easing Stress

Most of us complain about “stress,” but we have a superficial understanding of its sources. Like any complex psychological experience, stress has many sources and causes. One of these is that we are not skilled at being idle, doing nothing. It is as if we have lost our “neutral” gear and have to be moving […]

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Fatigue and I-don’t-wanna-itis

I’m fatigued. Not Chronic Fatigue, just fatigue. I slept less than I need to or like to, and I just don’t want to do the things I need to do. Or so my mind says. What to do when fatigued? Is it worth resting? Or do we “power through” with a caffeinated drink? Chronic fatigue […]

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