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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

This four-week class is suitable for absolute beginners, or a refresher for experienced meditators seeking to deepen their practice.  We will explore many tools of mindfulness including sitting meditation instruction and application to everyday life. We draw upon current behavioral psychology as an aid to breaking mindfulness meditation down into 4 skill sets that can be applied anytime throughout your day.

The class size is capped at 12 participants per section. Small classes allow personalized attention and a unique experience compared to large, impersonal classes.

If you are registered, a welcome email will come the week of the class.

(We might add a parallel, 2nd class section on an alternate day, on months in which we have over 12 registrants.)

Dates and Class Times:
* To Be Determined


Meditation Disclaimer

Meditation is generally considered a medically and psychologically safe and beneficial activity. It is, especially at the start of instruction, mainly an exercise in relaxation and concentration. However, as one meditates more and more over time, it tends naturally to lead to self-study and self-examination, which can be uncomfortable at times. Meditators also commonly experience some discomfort in the body due to sitting still for extended periods of time.

If you are unwilling to have such bodily or psychological discomfort, or feel you are unable to engage in this kind of self-examination, then you may wish to hold off on participating in meditation classes and consider trying a different kind of approach to address your needs and desires at this time. If you have a history of mental illness, then please consult with your health care provider before learning mindfulness meditation.

If you have concerns about medical problems such as circulation, please consult with a physician before undertaking meditation classes. Participants in our classes agree at the time of registration for class to take full responsibility for their own understanding and use of what we teach, indicating that they accept that meditation is not always comfortable or pleasant.


Here in Oregon we have been profoundly affected by Covid-19, the same as the rest of the nation, despite our low numbers of people ill. The mandate to stay at home saves lives, but in the meantime it increases our stress levels considerably. This one-session class will focus on stress reduction and also “inoculation” against future, similar stressors.

Please contact us by email or call 503-222-2361 to find out more about how you can take this important step towards reducing stress and living fully. 

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