Mindfulness and Leadership

Mindfulness and LeadershipCheck out this LA Times Article on how mindfulness is being used to train better leaders!

I can attest to that. I doubt I’d be organized enough to lead anything at all without practicing mindfulness meditation daily.  Besides organization, mindfulness leads to better decision making, allowing us to slow down enough to consider all the important factors affecting a decision, and to be decisive and bold enough to move forward under ambiguous circumstances.  And what circumstances aren’t ambiguous these days?

Why Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation, practiced daily and applied to our everyday life, also allows us to be more tolerant of others, while at the same time better able to set firm limits and give strong direction to others when needed.  Meditation allows us to put our best foot forward, again and again and again, tirelessly and fearlessly — or, when we have fear or fatigue, to continue acting in the service of our goals AS IF the fear and fatigue did not exist.  They begin, slowly, to roll off our backs.  In time, we become better and better leaders.

Even if you don’t hold an official leadership position in your community or place of employment, the fact is, YOU too are a leader.  We all influence each other; the question is, what kind of influence do you want to have?  With a mindfulness meditation practice, you can choose more and more freely just how you wish to influence others.

So, do you meditate? Do you practice mindfulness meditation?

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