Resources - Portland Mindfulness Therapy

Portland Mindfulness Therapy provides counseling services and education to our community and the media about a wide variety of mental health topics.


Portland Mindfulness Therapy is involved in ongoing outreach to the community, and maintains contact with news media, as well as producing original publications for professional and public readership.

Our therapists and counselors help our clients enrich and improve their lives. We provide counseling for common life problems that include relationship or work difficulties, anxiety, depression, grief, stress, chronic pain, and low self-esteem.

At Portland Mindfulness, our therapists take great pride in providing a positive, therapeutic experience for each client that helps them develop and build peace of mind, wholeness, forgiveness, and long-lasting, healthy relationships.

This section of the website will provide you with news and articles about our practice and topics related to mindfulness, psychotherapy, and mental health.