Adults Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy

Therapy for adults involves learning to direct your energy toward what is most important to you, rather than allowing your life to be consumed by a struggle with problems. Truly, therapy is “authoring your life,” with an eye toward what you REALLY want to be able to say, many years from now, that your life has been about.

Adults Therapy

Mindfulness-based therapy allows you to “go outside the box” and approach your problems and your difficult emotions in a different, more workable way. Stress is not in itself bad, but we have learned to struggle with it in a way that creates additional problems. In therapy you will learn to respond to stress in creative, proactive ways, grounded in the present moment. Doing so will allow you to make use of your skills and wisdom to engage with difficult situations, deepening relationships and making your work meaningful and satisfying again.

Our problems tend to invite struggle.  If you have a relationship or work situation that is very stressful and seems hopeless, you probably have noticed how these situations tend to hijack your mind’s focus. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, anger problems or low self-esteem, you know how consuming these feelings and thoughts can be of your time and attention. It can be easy to get stuck in this trap of struggling with problems, and therapy offers a powerful alternative.

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