Couples Therapy - Portland Mindfulness Therapy

Relationships with loved ones are very important to us all, but they can sometimes be challenging and difficult. People who care for each other can become overwhelmed by disagreements that spiral out of control into hurtful arguments.

Couples Therapy

Sometimes when one person in a relationship is suffering from depression or anxiety, may be drinking too much, or is becoming burnt out from the demands of work, the relationship as a whole starts to suffer. It’s not uncommon for couples to feel stuck in patterns of behavior. Arguing becomes frequent, the sexual relationship is less fulfilling than it used to be, or major changes in life are pulling the couple further and further apart.

Couples counseling helps people identify and overcome obstacles to healthy communication, increasing emotional intimacy and resulting in more satisfying and fulfilling relationships. At Portland Mindfulness Therapy, we teach mindfulness skills to couples, allowing improved communication, problem-solving, and coping. Psychotherapy is useful in addressing and healing issues of marital conflict, poor communication, sexual intimacy, infidelity, grief and loss, anger, and a wide range of issues that affect relationships, including trauma and abuse, mental illness, and substance abuse. Call us at 503-222-2361 to schedule an appointment or learn more.