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Therapy Videos by Joe Rhinewine, PhD

Joe Rhinewine’s “edutainment” – style videos cover a range of topics relevant to therapy and psychology, including explanation and application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy concepts, along with self-help exercises you can try.  They include opinions about the Self-Help industry, numerous live depictions of psychotherapy processes, especially those from ACT (defusion, willingness, present moment awareness, and so forth), and plenty of joking and hamming it up. Most recently, Joe has been video-blogging about procrastination and related behavioral cycles.

These videos are meant to entertain first, educate about  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) second. They are not an acceptable substitute for psychotherapy nor do they constitute treatment of any kind. They are, perhaps, amusing and informative about ACT and related ideas in contextual psychology such as Relational Frame Theory, stuffed animals, and why everything in life seems to suck sometimes.